Promote services when guests login to WiFi

Welcome Portal

Customize every aspect of your guest WiFi, offer a warm custom on-site experience. Provide a fast and easy login. Involve your public though a new world of opportunities: Videos, Images, Promotions, Events, Applications. Send a warm welcome email or SMS to your guests just after the login. Improve guest satisfaction while you simplify your life and business. Welcome Portal is 100% responsive to any device. Keep reading The Welcome Portal is the new dynamic, interactive and social interface visible to end users. Thanks to the dynamism of WiFiveStars the hotspot will no longer be just a 'place' in which to log in to the network but becomes a showcase of entertainment for the user. You can in fact insert images, videos, content, increasing the user's interest with searches and views of extra content. Thus, the hotspot becomes an engaging environment full of opportunities for service managers. It is not just an insertion page but a complete set of personalized tools to make your own hotspot unique and interesting. Day after day, users stay in the hotspot zone, which means that your hotspot has excellent business prospects. Attracting end users, providing them with interesting content and involving them is the key to success. Offering what they want, even more than current expectations The introductory page is the first page that users see when they connect to the WiFi network. Your device's screen will be covered with beautiful pictures, YouTube videos, ads and surveys. The Welcome Portal provides the end user in an engaging way involving presentation videos, promotions and events and so on. You can insert background images, for example of the territory, promotions or scheduled events Everything will be 100% responsible on any device! It then detects automatically if the user is connected by a mobile device or desktop setting the correct resolution correct for the device


Multi-language: the system is set up with 5 default languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

100% Responsive

Optimize your WiFi network clients experience. The Welcome Portal is 100% responsive and perfectly adapts to Laptops, Mobile phone and Tablet devices.

Custom Apps

Simply create your Apps by uploading an image icon and directing your clients to an external URL. Display promotional offers and discounts. Create your own or use the standard Apps provided including Local Weather Information, Around Me, GPS tracking, User Profile and many more. Keep reading The first impression is always the most important. Your Welcome Portal must be colored and interactive. With WiFiveStars you take advantage of the opportunity to improve the login experience with a range of features better known as APP. In fact, the Welcome Portal can be associated with predefined Apps: info, local weather, around me, login, connection status. INFO: Can be customized to your needs. LOGIN: Allows the user to connect to the Internet WEATHER: Shows local weather forecasts in real time AROUND ME: Shows areas of interest close to the hotspot area. CONNECTION STATUS Shows the details of the user's connection Following a few small indications, the manager will be able to independently add personalized APPs to make their own hotspot unique by exploiting it in an intelligent way, by advertising their brand and/or promotions. It will be a breeze to add the Social APP to allow customers to quickly connect to their profile and encourage them to put 'Like' or 'Follow', keeping them updated on news and offers. The opportunities created thanks to the hotspot network become endless.


Get Feedback via site surveys and real-time feedback notification. Improve online reputation and increase published positive reviews.

Do you prefer to know any kind of disappointment of your guest while still staying at your place rather than a bad review on TripAdvisor? Increase published positive reviews, avoid negative ones and make your guests come back. A satisfied customer is the best advertising that your business can receive.

Whether you're testing customer satisfaction or launching a new product, Surveys help customers make quick and smart decisions. Responsive to all smartphones, tablets and desktops. Keep reading Just a few simple steps to prepare for your surveys. A fun way to interact through an online quiz. Created with its own brand, with personalized background images. Enjoy your guests and maybe let them learn something new. Then through the control panel it will be easy to detect and analyze the answers in real time, share them with colleagues and export the data in multiple formats. Having immediate feedback: in fact it is possible to set minimum scores so that in case of negative votes, an alert will be sent immediately to the manager in order to immediately intervene and immediately meet the needs of the guests. You can create surveys, quizzes and tests with a customized interface. Choose from multiple types of questions, themes, customizations and flexible options: • Multiple Choice • Free Text • Rating Scores • Star Answer

Marketing and Monetization opportunities

Turn your WiFi into business. Engage the masses and monetize your WiFi. Advertise to millions of people and grow your business with advertising across devices, where people enjoy their WiFi connection. Influence users while they are connecting to free sponsored WiFi or 4G network. Open your network to advertisers and nearby businesses. Turn WiFi into a valuable business promoter and make money in no time.