The 5-Star cloud portal tailored for you

Connect with ease

Offer a WiFi connection easy to access. Users create their own username and password, without calling the reception desk to get a password. Complimentary access. Connection in a blink of an eye. You may wish to offer complimentary services and amenities to guests, without requiring registration. Login will be seamless and quick. One click and your client will be connected.

Secure authentication with SMS

Guarantee full compliance with all data security regulations. Retain true data of your guests thanks to secure authentication via SMS and comply with the obligation to retain their data.

Access credential notifications

Notifications SMS and Email. Credentials (username and password) of access to the WiFi network provided to the end user by email or through a SMS.

Card and Voucher

Give a personalized passphrase to access the WiFi network. A full customizable access to the WiFi network. Cards enable your guests to be connected in seconds by simply entering a predefined username and password. Alternatively, provide your guests with a unique digit voucher code.

Routers compatible with WiFiveStars

Multi-venues and multi-tenant platform

Offer an individual secure virtual environment to your customers. You have the ability to define specific roles and permissions for your customers and staff.

High availability

WiFiveStars is a cloud platform, free from infrastructure, minimizing upfront costs. It is in high availability, designed to respond to any negative events that can reasonably happen. The software is always updated to the latest version.


WiFiveStars is a dynamic solution that includes specific functions related to the position of each hotspot data updated in real time. Display in a map the position of the hotspots and how many devices are connected to get a complete overview of the system.

GPS Tracking

Track the route of your mobile WiFi network and target your Ad campaigns. Track the location of your mobile WiFi networks, increasing opportunities: buses, coaches, trains, planes, boats, vessels and ships. Target your Ads based on GPS coordinates. Trigger banners, messages and videos, during the various stages of the route. Increase revenue by real-time ads and benefit from localized ads. Advertise places in the surroundings. Encourage guests’ interest in restaurants, museums and shops.


Quick, easy, ready-to-go and reliable. The printer is fully integrated with WiFiveStars. It can be connected to the network both via WiFi and cable. Add your logo, personalize texts and print your vouchers and cards in complete autonomy. It is multilingual. Thermal printer, durable and never without ink. It offers direct and fast printing up to 70 mm/second. Tough and robust design to guarantee reliability even in the most difficult environments.